Reggie Selma is a former award-winning CNN senior photojournalist, based in the renowned network’s Washington, DC Bureau.


Reggie at The White House

For more than 30 years, Reggie was one of CNN’s most dedicated and knowledgeable photojournalists. He has traveled extensively across the globe, filming every U.S. president from Reagan to Obama, as well as covering numerous proceedings in Congress. In 1982, Reggie became CNN’s Washington, D.C. Bureau’s First African-American cameraman assigned to the White House.

He’s worked with and alongside some of journalism’s finest reporters from the likes of Bernard Shaw and Wolf Blitzer to Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric, just to name a few. Reggie has documented countless historical events, covering some of the most iconic leaders of our time: Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and a host of many others.

After a long and successful career behind the lens, Reggie has now stepped in front of the camera, as an inspirational international speaker, to give a unique, behind the scenes peek into the world of the White House, prominent global leaders, as well the inner workings of the media and celebrities, a rare glimpse that very few get to see. His expertise gives the audience a sense of true conviction and value, an entertaining presentation, and an assured understanding of what he’s observed. Reggie knows firsthand what it takes to be a true leader, having learned from some of history’s most influential figures.

Reggie Selma’s presentation will be a fantastic match to help you create a humorous and engaging program, tailored to your needs, that your group or organization would love to attend, and one they will surely talk about afterwards.