Reggie Selma has entertained audiences
in Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Ireland, and the U.S.A.

Photo by Conor McCabe Photography @ InspireFest

From the moment Reggie takes the stage,
your audience knows they’re going to have a good time.

His presentation will be a great match in helping you create an engaging and meaningful program that will give added value to your attendees, and one that they’ll be talking about afterwards.

As a CNN photojournalist with over thirty years experience, in the renowned Washington DC Bureau, Reggie has traveled the world filming every U.S. president from Reagan to Obama, and he has the stories to prove it.

Reggie shares his entertaining and sometimes poignant stories, from behind the scenes of the White House, presidents, the media, and celebrities.

Having seen leadership and dedication at the highest levels, from some of the world’s most influential leaders, are principles that Reggie will share with your audience.

 Reggie Selma with President Ronald Reagan

The Great Wall of China, 1984


President Barack Obama

A Cameraman’s Reflections:

A insiders look into The White House, Presidents, and other behind-the-scenes stories

Reggie Selma, a former award winning CNN Photojournalist, has covered some of the world’s most iconic leaders of our time, entertains you with thirty years of stories of life on the road.

Barack Obama’s historic inauguration at the US Capitol, 2009

Ret. General Colin L. Powell, Ex-Joint Chief of Staff and former Secretary of State

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Covering Reagan

Reggie in London